No skip ahead first time, then free to skip ahead after complete

If I want the learner to watch the entire lesson without being able to skip ahead and then when revisiting, be able to skip around as needed, should I set all slide properties to resume saved state but keep my menu to restricted? ( I feel like that only prevents them from using the menu to move ahead without viewing a slide, but they could still click the next button and skip through a slide).  Also, there's always a 'resume' and a 'restart'.  I want to get rid of the restart-is that possible?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Becky!  You're just a few clicks away from getting this set up the way you'd like.  

  • Restricted navigation will prevent learners from using the menu OR the Player Previous and Next buttons until the slides' timelines are finished.  Check out this article which goes deeper on how that works.  I think using the restricted option would be perfect for your needs.  You can revisit any slides that have already been viewed, in any order.
  • Resume functionality can be set so that the course always resumes, rather than offering the choice that you see in your screenshot.  Go into your Player Properties window to make that choice.

Let me know how that works!