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Rory Lavender

I have what might be a related problem.  When trying to insert a new recording as step-by-step slides in Try mode, from IE (IE 9, Windows 7), Storyline (1) inserts the recording as a screenshot. Yet, when I view the recording by pressing the play button within the "Insert Slides" panel, I see all the slides. Older recordings insert just fine. A colleague had similiar issues this morning, but it seems to have resolved itself for her. She did not change any settings, repair or re-install software. I am still having issues. Recordings via Chrome work fine - some of our applications require Chrome, and some require IE. Very inconsistent behaviour today and difficult to get consistent replication. But, at the end of the day, my lengthy recordings from IE are being inserted as a single screen shot. I am not geting any error messages, just a single slide without any recording. I could not find any other posts similiar to mine until I saw this one.