No slide transition when drawing from question bank

Jul 24, 2014

Hi, everyone! I'm working on my very first Storyline project (after 20 years of using other authoring tools), and I've run into something that appears to be a bug. I've set up some transition effects on a slide as well as some of the objects on the slide (which are staggered on the timeline so as to enter one at a time).

The problem I've encountered is that this is a multiple choice question page, and I've included it in a question bank. When I preview the slide by itself, all the transitions work perfectly. When I include that silde in a question bank draw, however, all the objects are visible on the page as soon as it appears, and there are no transition effects.

Is this a know issue? Any way to solve it? I've replicated it in two different project files, so it's not a fluke.

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David Carter

Never mind. False alarm. I didn't realize that when you add questions to a question bank, it's actually saving a copy of the page somewhere. What happened is that I made the changes to add the transition effects AFTER I created my question banks. Problem was easily solved by deleting the questions from the question banks and re-importing them.