No text Export? How to send storyboards for proof reading

I have constructed a Storyline project in Danish language and want to have it translated to English by a bureau. For obvious reasons they don't have Articulate and won't be buying it. So how can I send them a copy they can proofread? It is not just a matter of publishing as they need the text in a file to rework it. Captivate has a Captions export/import function that fills this role, but I am unable to find this feature anywhere in Storyline. A .story file It looks very much like it is a PowerPoint based project, with the menus and general features and all, but I cannot open the files with PowerPoint.

I tried Save As but found only .story files and .templates, no other method.

Publish to Word gave me a rather useless document with all my captions as pretty images, but nothing really useful for a translation

So, how to use this for multiple languages without manually extracting the caption text and manually pasting them back again?

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Bruce Graham

Hi S.J.

At the moment there is no "Out of the Box" way to to what you want to do other than by Word/manual annotation.

Many of us have been asking for a feature like this for a while now.

We hope that Articulate Storyline has this functionality released in the very near future, and it is certainly something they are aware of.


Soren J Birch

Thanks Bruce, I shall spare myself and Articulate the bother of suggesting it once more then

It is also completely useful if you want to have something spoken by a professional, just send them the text captions. Well okay, it is a complete deal breaker for me considering that I already invested in Captivate, and most of my customers wants at least two localized versions of their materials. I'll continue with Storyline for as long as the license allows me, I do really enjoy the way it works otherwise

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi S.J.,

Just thinking that it's no bother to Articulate if you also make this suggestion. I don't work for them, but my understanding of this very responsive company is that they want to hear what end users need. And I'd think it's easier for them to set up a list of priorities based on our input (along, of course, with other considerations at their end).

So if you have the time, it would be great if you could request this feature.