No thumbnails generated on PowerPoint Import

Mar 13, 2020

I was wondering if anyone else is seeing an issue that thumbnails are not generated for slides imported from PowerPoint? Even in Slide View there is no thumbnail. 

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Latoria Jackson

Hi Patrick,

This could happen if your Powerpoint presentation doesn't start with "Slide number 1". To import into Storyline successfully it should start with number 1. 

To remedy this you only need to go into PowerPoint, navigate to the "Design" tab, then Page Setup, enter 1 for "Number Slides from" and click ok.  Depending on the version of PowerPoint you are using, you maybe find "Number Slides From" field on the "Design" tab, but under "Slide Size" and then "Custom Slide Size".  

Hopefully just adjusting the starting slide number to 1 sorts this for you.

Patrick OBrien

Well, I opened each slide deck (5 of them) and they all are set to 1 as you suggest. I tried re-setting one of the decks to 1, saving it, and again importing with the same result - no thumbnails. Please see attached - thanks. 

Latest Articulate 360 version and Office 365

Lauren Connelly

Hi Patrick!

I wanted to pop in and see if you're using a PowerPoint saved to One Drive! If so, I'd encourage you to save the PowerPoint to your local drive, like a Documents folder or Desktop, and then import it into Storyline.

You can also share the Articulate Package with me and I can see how it works on my end! To do that, Go to the File tab on the PowerPoint ribbon, click Share, choose Articulate Package, then click the Articulate Package button. 

You can share the file by using this private upload link.

Patrick OBrien

Hi Lauren, thanks for following up.

I have both the .ppt deck and the storyline file in a local drive, not being synced.

I am confused about your directions - i don't have a share option in Storyline 360 or an Articulate Package option in powerpoint. Do you want the .ppt deck? One of them? I tried 5 different decks...

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