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Crystal Horn

Hi Sal.  I'm sorry that your course isn't resuming as expected.  In this article about troubleshooting LMS issues, we list some reasons why resume behavior might not work as expected.  On this list, regarding tracking and resuming, number 5 indicates that courses published for Tin Can API might need to be hosted on an external server.  Have a look at that information.

Alternatively, if you've met completion requirements for your course, resume information might not be sent to the LMS.

Let us know how you make out; we'd be happy to help test out your course on our end as well.  We use SCORM Cloud, generally, to see if the course behaves the way it is supposed to in an LMS environment.

Sally Milford

Thanks Crystal – I feel very sheepish! As it turned out, I didn’t have the following setting set properly in Player settings:


Everything works as it should now.

Thank you for your detailed reply!


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Crystal Horn

Sal- Thanks for coming back in with the update!  Hey, I didn't think to start simple, either, so no worries.  We're here to help!

Also, attachments sent through an email reply to the forums don't show up.  If you've got to time to come back to your reply and add the image in via web, that'd be great!  You can edit out your contact information as well from your post, if you'd like.  Keep up the good work out there!