No Video Controls for Youtube and "Dragging" Through a Course

My Show Video Controls options are grayed out even though the Show Video setting is In slide.

Any idea what's causing this? 

I attached a dummy file below.

Also, is there any way to "drag" through a course? In Captivate you have a playback control that lets you proceed slide-by-slide. Is there anything like that in Storyline? I know you can turn on the Menu and let people navigate that way, but I don't see a way to quickly "drag" when you don't want the Menu on. 


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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Heather! 

The option to show video controls is grayed out because you're using an embedded video from YouTube.

You can actually remove the controls from the YouTube video by de-selecting that option in the embed code, like this:

Also, it sounds like you're looking for a feature that will allow learners to quickly navigate forwards and backwards in the lesson. Have you considered using free navigation? That way, the learner can quickly click the Previous and Next buttons without being restricted. 

Heather Vogt

I don't understand. What does this mean if I can't use player controls for embedded Youtube videos?

I go to Insert>Media>Video>Video from website and then copy and paste the embed code from Youtube. I guess what I'm wondering is: How do I get a Youtube video into my course that has playback controls? 

And if the default is free navigation, then, yes, that's all I've ever used. I'm looking for a playbar like what you'd see on a video - a playbar that helps a learner drag through the course rather than repeatedly hit Prev or Next.

Thanks for the response! 

Crystal Horn

Hey Heather.  No problem on the two accounts!  😊

And I apologize for the confusion on our end. The snippet you copied from our User Guide isn't quite accurate.  Storyline video controls were previously available for YouTube videos, but they aren't any longer.  We'll get that documentation fixed immediately.

Will the YouTube video controls work for your learners, alternatively?

Also, were you planning on including the Menu in your Player?  With free navigation, learners can use the menu to bounce between sections as they feel necessary. 

I like your idea about a draggable playbar, though.  I bet you can build a slider on a master slide layout to function in that way.  I'll leave it for the community to give you some help with that custom design idea!