Non-conformist Questions: How to tie the point totals to a Results slide??

The displayed link that David Anderson shared in "Adding Number Variables" is great, however it left me "hanging" in that I want to tie the results (add the results) to all the other questions in a module and have them display on a Results slide.

Can David, or someone else, suggest a variable and triggers to achieve what I wish.

I am a "migrator" from Captivate, and this would be handled differently.

Thank you!Original "Adding Number Variables"

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Louise Lindop

Hi David,

If I understand correctly you now have the score for each question sitting in a variable.

On your results slide you will need to set up one last variable ie finalresult, then have one trigger for each of your result variable to add up the score.

For example, to use a similar example to David's variable names: Let's say you have five questions and the results are held in five variables choice1 through to choice5, you would then have five triggers on your result slide (1) Add choice1 to finalresult when timeline starts, 2) add choice2 to finalresult when timeline starts 3) add choice3 to finalresult when timeline starts etc. Then after the five triggers, finalresult will have the overall result in it and you can then decide what to do based on that.

Hope this helps.


Edward Hoke

Thank you Louise - so, to add these "Choice" variable point scores, with let's say, SL2 Hotspot, Matching, Quiz slides, I would add the last variable on the final result slide (your example = "finalresult"). So the "trigger" would need to be a "Submit" button or something on the last "Choice" page? Again, the way Variables are employed in Captivate are much different. Thank you for your help!

Louise Lindop

Hi Edward (sorry, called you David last time!)

I would have thought you'd have the choice variables being set on each question slide then the result slide would calculate the finalresult with a "when timeline starts" trigger. You won't need another button. Happy to take a look if you want to upload the .story. It's a bit hard to be specific without it.