Non-linear slider behavior while inside lightbox

Aug 15, 2016


I'm experiencing weird behavior with sliders while inside a lightbox. Two things characterize this behavior:

1. Any time the thumb is clicked it jumps back a few notches

2. when the thumb is clicked and dragged, it gradually loses sync with the mouse, in that the mouse eventually goes further than the thumb. Obviously this can't pass as a bug because mobile users will not be able to access the final values of the sliders, as the slider covers the whole horizontal scale of the slide.

I'm not uploading a project because I'm on a tight deadline and do not have time to prepare the issue, but it's easy to recreate:

  • insert a slider on slide 1, set it to update 'when the learner releases'
  • preview the slide and see that everything is functioning as expected
  • set up a second slide with some trigger to lightbox slide 1
  • preview the scene and see the issue at play


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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Erez Goren

Hi Leslie,

My work around will consist of a series of hotspots. the problem is, the Mobile player displays very small lightboxes compared to the slide / other platforms, and I'm afraid that makes it super uncomfortable and unpractical for the amount of hotspots I need on the horizontal scale (27). Is there any way to make the lightbox larger in the Articulate Mobile Player?


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