Not a drag and drop-exercise


I am making a slide where a number of  dragging objects (pictures) are dragged over and dropped on an another object (drop target). If I am not dropping the dragging object on to the correct drop target (there are two)  I want the object to bounce back to its original place. 

This slide is not a  free form drag and drop slide. 

If any one knows what the hey I am talking about please lend a hand.





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Samuel From

Hi Leslie,

Thanks för getting back to me. However we decided to go with the built in drag and drop option. And it worked fine. But! I have a number of drop items who places them selves like a charm when I show them all in the slide but when I try to use the one item at a time option it stucks after the first drop item displayed. How come it does that.

I have triggers attached to the drop items (5 items with videop clips and 2 items with text boxes)

Have you run into these problems before?