Not able to add line break in slide notes for HTML5

Aug 07, 2015


There's a bug where I add a line return for spacing between paragraphs and it looks fine in Flash, though the HTML5 published version doesn't have the line breaks between paragraphs. I tried adding multiple Shift+Enter and also using the line spacing options in Storyline, though nothing works.

Thoughts for a fix?


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Patrick  Gurczynski

I appreciate the quick response. I should mention that this is a legacy project (Storyline 2). The references are superscript in the notes field, and it works in Firefox - which opens the Flash version of the course. I can't seem to get it to work in Chrome, which opens the HTML 5 version of the course.

I had the same issue with the line breaks in Chrome, until I inserted your code into the .css file. That's why I thought maybe there was another piece of code floating out there.

I really appreciate all your help on this. Thanks for being so cool about it.

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