Not able to Preview Entire Project or Publish

Apr 26, 2017


I am working on a project and went to preview entire project yesterday and I am getting an error, "We're sorry something went wrong..."

I get the same error if I try and publish the course.

I am able to preview each scene and each slide with no problems. I also attempted to copy and paste all the contents into a new Story file and am having the same issues. I tried other Story files and am able to preview entire project and publish fine. 

Unfortunately, due to proprietary content I cannot share the file publicly. I did open a case and shared the file directly with Articulate. Any thoughts?

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Deepak Mohanty

Hi Kyle, 
These kind of issues are very random and can be of any reason. Although I've never come across this specific issue, I'd like to know your workaround as you have already submitted it to Articulate. 
However, probably you can transfer the .Story file to a new PC and try previewing or publishing from there. Or check the font you're using. 

Anyways, do share the solution whenever you get. Thanks!

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