Not able to publish to Word.

Good day, please assist.  I am trying to publish my project (Articulate Storyine 2) to Word.  Gets and error.  I have done this successfully for the past year  - but now gets this error.   ...Storyline output is read only.    I am the only person using my PC and this license. 


Please advise?   


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Herman Moolman

Hello Wendy,

Thanks for your assistance. Yes, I checked this first and directly
published to desktop and another shorter path on my C drive. I have used
this path for all previous projects and never had a problem. I really
don't understand where this comes from or what causes this.

Best regards,


Herman Moolman

Hello Wendy,

Much appreciated! I’ll see what I can do. How about sharing it on Dropbox? My server complains it is too big!

Thank for your assistance Wendy, I really appreciate it (am desperate – never had this problem before! I used this feature so many times in the past – without any problems.)



Marcellino Tatang

Hi Wendy, this happened to me and my colleague as well. When I tried to publish a simple file it publishes without any problem and generates a nice Word output. But when we tries to publish a complex e-learning with 114 pages and question banks it fails to generate a Word output.

Due to security and secrecy of my project, I cannot send you the story file. But it seems like Herman has the same problem.



Wendy Farmer

Hi Marcellino

Herman seems to think he had a corrupt slide/ he tested his word publish again with other SL2 files and they were fine.

Have you tried importing your .story file into a new project file and trying to publish.  Perhaps you can split your project into 2 just for the purposes of testing if 'size' is the issue.  Then  you could stitch the two word docs together - the user isn't any wiser how it was put together.

I have worked with other software packages that publish to Word and Word has been the problem each time.  Even just working in Word with massive content it chokes and corrupts itself.


Herman Moolman

Hi MArcellino,

Thanks for sharing your problem. I had other – bigger projects than this one – and those published to Word without problems.

I tend to think that somewhere something went corrupt. Wheneve I tried to publish (even to Word) it referred back to the output file you get when you publish to LMS. The error message suggested that I did not have permission to this folder (my own). This message kept popping up.

I tested with my other similar projects – these published without a problem. I think (did not test it) that if one create an entirely new project and copy all your slides over, that the problem should be resolved.

Best regards,


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Herman and Marcellino,

You may want to try importing into a new project as described here in case there is an element of corruption associated with the original project.  Also you'll want to confirm that you're publishing locally and that Word is closed when trying to go through the publish. 

Marcellino Tatang

Hi all, I have found the problem on my publishing error. It turns out Word is running a spelling control check while Storyline is publishing to Word. Therefore it gave a second long error warning that there has been way too many errors in the document that Word able to process. (my e-learning is written in dutch and somehow Word only has English spelling which results to an error for each word written in the e-learning)....

I tried turning off the spelling check in Word, restart the publish and it works! Problem solved!