Not able to set tab order for shell level menu(Master Slide)

Jan 19, 2016

I've been working on tab order in articulate storyline 2. However, I'm struggling with custom menu. I want to set tab order to topic buttons and its page titles. How I can set tab order for custom menu in master slide. I have around 45 buttons in menu (master slide).

Please suggest me any solution for this type of scenario.


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Akash Jambhorkar

Hello Linda,


I just want to set tab order for master slide objects. In my project around 50 slides and menu, resource, glossary has in master slide.


Around 50 + objects in shell layers and we need to set tab order and want to apply for all slides (pages) .



But Tab order option is not available for master slide so we need to go each slide and needs to set sequence for master slide objects. So this method is increase production time.


So any alternative solution for this please suggest if any.


Thanks & Regards

Akash Jambhorkar

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