Not able to view course published file on AMP published in storyline 2.0

Hi Team,

I published course in storyline 2 selecting all the appropriate selection boxes for viewing the course on mobile. I sent the same zip folder to my android mobile. I downloaded an articulate mobile player from the play store. I unzipped the folder and clicked on the story.html, It's not working. When I'm clicking on amp.html, I'm directed to amp then popup is appearing saying that one or two files are not downloaded. Can you help with the issue?

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Lauren Connelly


I'm happy to help! My first recommendation is to make sure you can view the course on the web. To do that:

1) Publish the course to Web

2) Choose zip when the publishing is complete.

3) Import the .zip folder to Tempshare and grab the link!

4) See if the course plays correctly in a mobile browser. 

Secondly, are you publishing the course as Flash? Most browsers don't rely on Flash so you'll want to make sure the format is HTML5/Flash fallback.

It would also be helpful to see the course! You can attach it to this discussion by using the "Add Attachment" button.