Not able to view my storyline course on iPad

May 30, 2014

I'm wondering what I am doing wrong with my storyline course. I have checked the html box, the mobile player for iPad and allowing download for offline viewing box. I am getting an error message on my iPad. I am wondering if this is blocked because the courses are in a slider on a Wordpress site? Can someone check this out for me? Thanks so much! Love these forums!

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Hilda Fyock

Thanks for your answer, Ashley. I will go through all those to see if any apply. I don't need these for mobile, but I do need them for offline use. I have users overseas who have low connectivity, so we were trying the iPad option for them. If I can't get it to work, then I will take the CD option. Thanks, again!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Hilda,

If you're needing users to access them offline, I would suggest going forward with the CD publish, as the iPad would first need to download them all and then they could use them offline.  

If you publish for CD, you'll be able to send along all the published files (or share with them an actual CD) and those users can run it right from their computer - no internet necessary (unless you email them the files or something). 

Hilda Fyock

Yes, that is what we plan to do. I will be doing some testing next week, to make sure the iPad option is working. I think that either the slider with the courses is either blocking that option, or how we have the courses on the page. In order to work with our Wordpress template, I had to put 2 zip files onto one page, and redirect it to the larger view. Because of being in the slider from our home page, I couldn't seem to open it into the larger view in one click. We used a jQuery to do that. 

We will arrange the website, so that we can make the iPad offline version work. Thanks for your help. 

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