Not All Icons Have States

Hi Team!

I grabbed some icons from the content library.
When I click on them, some have states and some do not. The ones that do not, do not allow me to click on edit states. It's grayed out and not even an option.

I am using one of the tab interactions from Sarah Hodges and need to be able to add hover states so the interaction is congruent in the way it functions.
How can I add states to icons that don't have states?

Thanks in advance!

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Philip Deer

Hi Leslie,
Thanks for the video. I didn't know you could do that. That was helpful.
I was able to adjust the states.

However, since the icon I am using is comprised of many small pieces, it won't show the hover state unless the mouse pointer is exactly on one of the small pieces. I tried grouping it with a transparent object. This at least makes it so I don't have to click on one small piece to change layers, but it doesn't let the hover state of the icon show.

How can I get the hover states to show and make it easy for my users to click?
Would I need to use hotspots and add triggers to trigger the hover state or might there be another way?

I have attached the file so you can take a look. Its the second icon from the left that looks kind of like a speedometer. I'm going to have the same issue with some of the other icons as well.
Just a heads up. The slide isn't finished so not all the triggers are set up yet.

Thanks in advance!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Philip,

I understand now. Some of the icons are grouped items vs a single object icon. Thanks for that explanation.

You can work around this by ungrouping the icon, then saving as a picture.

Take a look at your Group 6 item now where I've saved the speedometer icon as a picture, which now allows you to use states.

Crystal Horn

Hi Philip!  I took Leslie's example file and made a couple of adjustments.

  • There were still some freeform shapes of the original speedometer icon behind the picture of the speedometer.  I removed those from the slide.
  • I like to use a hotspot over an area with multiple pieces that need to function as one, and still be clickable.  I added a hotspot over the rectangle and the speedometer, and used that to create triggers to change the state of both objects when hovering over the hotspot.

Here's a Peek of this in action.  One more step to consider if you like the hotspot trick is that you'll need to adjust your triggers to show layers when clicking on the hotspot rather than the icon objects.