Not Allow Clicking on Video Clip

I have several video clips in my course and it appears as tho when i add a clip in it automatically has a "cilck the video to pause it" feature.  (and i use the word feature loosely )

I am looking to NOT have that happen. I am showign the video with no controls.. and i want it to NOT be clickable.

unless i'm looking in the wrong place.. i haven't found any movie controls that seem to get rid of that.

any ideas would be much appreciated!

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Helene Sobelman


Bruce.. i really like that idea!!

I was actually joking about doing something like that..

this course is for teenagers.. and when we did some user testing they could NOT stop clicking on things they weren't supposed to.

so i said i could throw something in there if they click more than once.. i could give them a msg teling them to quit clicking!

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

ok...I've definitely been hanging around this forum tooooo long . Not as quick on the  trigger as Bruce, but created something with same video, except using a character as a prompt. Newborn grandson is on my lap, necessitating 1-handed wrk...but will upload in a bit!

Also, didn't use hotspot, just plain old transparent rectangle