Not Allowing Me to Reorder Slides

I have watched the videos in and I know how to use PowerPoint.  I am trying to reorder my slides.   I just closed my project file and reopened it.  The slides in Storyview were out of order.  I tried to reorder by clicking and dragging and when the arrow appeared and released the slide in that location but it reverted back to the original spot ???


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Daniela Slater

I looked quickly through the tutorial you linked but did not see the "reset" feature.  Can you narrow it down for me.  I have been experiencing a number of issues.  Some of which I'm sure may be related to my computer settings and some because of ignorance to new software.


Leslie McKerchie

I apologize Daniela! It was not in that tutorial, but is in this one.

Resetting Your Menu to Reflect the Slide Titles in Your Course
If you make some changes to your menu and then decide that you want to reset the menu back to what it was originally (reflecting the original slide titles of your course), you can click the Reset From Story button:

Daniela Slater

Hi Ashley,

I don't know why this happens and I am beginning to feel stupid.  I have watched the videos and am quite comfortable with PPT in reordering slides.  I click on the slide and when I see the arrow in the location I want, I release the mouse.  It does not replace the location of the slide???  Is there a setting?   Is it a browser issue?  The only way it works is if I cut and paste.  BUT, when I close the file and reopen it, the triggers show unassigned and then I try to fix the triggers and the slides go out of order again.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Daniela, 

No need to feel stupid - I may not be understanding the behavior you're seeing or how you're trying to move them. I don't have a way to tap into your screen, but if you'd like to connect with us here there is an option to record the behavior of your screen and show us what you're seeing.