Not allowing the user to continue past a slide if they haven't read all options

I'm wanting to create a slide wherein the user has multiple items to hover or click on but needs to read all before he/she can continue. I presume this has something to do with variables but I ma new to this and I am struggling to sort it out. Could anyone give me a 101 guide on the basics of this please? Thanks in advance.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Tony -- I would definitely check out the link Les provided, and here is a thread that is a bit older, but it may have some ideas or advice that would help with what you are hoping to achieve. Please feel free to share your file if you have something started and members of the community will be able to chime in with additional suggestions. :)

Christie Pollick

Hi, Tony -- Thanks for the clarification and additional information! As I mentioned, it may be helpful to share your file so that members of the community can take a look and offer some suggestions that may do the trick for you. All you need to do is click on the ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom left corner, and you can browse for your file from there. :)

Tony Howard

Ok, so I have removed the hotspots. I have set up the slide as I want it. I have removed content for privacy reasons. When I followed the link's instructions all went well up until the point when I got an error on the trigger stating 'Flagged objects do not have the selected state'. From there on I am stuck, can you please explain to me what I need to do to rectify that issue. Attachment included.