Not allowing users to seek within the seekbar

May 03, 2012

I'm loving Storyline! A big thank you to everyone involved in the creation of this great (and much needed) product.

I have a question regarding the seekbar. I want to display it but I don't wan't users to be able to click within it and skip ahead. I can do that in Presenter but I don't see how do do this in SL. Any ideas?

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Tim  Denis


I just found out a way to prevent users to click the next button when the seeking bar isn't finished:  (beside creating your own buttons):

1. Create a new trigger:

_Change state of

_Click on an object (for exmpl: picture14)

_To state "hidden"

_When timeline ends

_Object= your slide

2. Edit the next button trigger:

_Jump to slide

_next slide

_when user clicks

_Next Button

_on condition


_if picture 14

_= = equal to hidden

This should work...

Good luck....

Jason C

Just wanted to throw this out; I have SL 1 and I had the issue come up with the users seeking ahead in a video. What I did was turn on the video controls for the video (turned off the seek-bar for the player window for that page) and put a "hotspot" over the entire seek bar. That way, when the user tries to click ahead, you can have another layer appear that instructs them to complete the entire video.

Vanessa M
Jill McNair


I'm not sure if this would be a work-around for you , but you could put a transparent shape over the seekbar (make sure it's is on the top and not covering the "Play" button).  This would make the seekbar only viewable, not clickable.  

If you want them to be able to use the seekbar after they've viewed it, you can create a trigger to change the state of your invisible rectangle to Hidden when the media completes.  

Hope this works for you!



Great fix Jill. I have always used the seekbar with user control, however just ran into a situation the client doesn't want this. Your fix is perfect to remove user control but keep the timeline so user knows how long the video is.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Vanessa!

Check out this tutorial.

Click Player on toolbar first:

  • Seekbar: This adds a seekbar to the bottom of your player. It's a good visual indicator of the slide's timeline. If you add a seekbar to your player, use the accompanying drop-down to choose whether learners can use it to scrub back and forth along the timeline or make it read-only.

Nancy Woinoski

Select the Home tab > then click the Player icon to edit the player properties.  In the control section select the seekbar  if it is not already enabled. Notice that the dropdown list beside the seekbar is now active. Select the "Seekbar is read-only" option from the dropdown list and then click OK to save your changes.

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