not moving on a slide until all the shapes have been clicked on

hi someone- attached is a slide to show- I am creating a question but I am not using the question template because I want the user to move on- I do want to ensure that they click on each button before they can progress to the  next slide. I want to make sure they get feed back on clicking on each small rectangle. Also is there anyway that the layers can stay on the screen after they have clicked on it rather than going away. So when they click on it I want a tick ot appear and stay. Then they click on the next one and the click stays. etc 

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Mike Taylor

Hi Josephine! There are a few different ways you could do this. Here is one quick example.

I just used some simple buttons that when selected will display the appropriate feedback layer and added a condition to the Next button that all of the buttons must be selected before it will advance.

Take a look and let me know if you have any questions.

Josephine Crimmins

hi mike- also attached to this is an example of one of my slides- i have a website that they can go to for more information and I have used a button but it does not work in preview mode and I think it looks ugly- I know about the resources in the player mode but some slides have specific websites


Hi josephine i have to upload one file for you query .i think its useful for you so please review it.

in the project having one text entry box we will give Hi or hi means slide 2 is open and you will give how are you means slide 3 is open.

  when the user must enter in text in a text book ofter they can move on