Not pointing any fingers...

Hi all, I've built some assessments using Storyline, which are working fine, BUT...  as they are based on users interacting with computer software, I want to stop the Cursor changing into a pointing finger when it goes over a hotspot... (It's a bit of a give-away really)... 


Is there a simple option I can choose to stop this?





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Paul Williams

Ah, thanks, I'm not using SL2, but I am getting that option within SL... trouble is, it's already 'unchecked' all the way through my assessment, but the pointer is still showing..... 

Here's an image of the unchecked option.. and the mouse pointer showing on the hotspot...

Any thoughts anyone?



Paul Williams

This problem is still giving me issues... here's a file that is not working correctly for me. I uploaded it to Articulate online and tried it there, just to see if it was only a problem during the build, but that doesn't seem to have made any difference.

The 'show hand' is unticked, but it's still appearing....   Could it have anything to do with my setup? I'm using a 64bit machine.... ??