Help: Storyline will not publish in Word but does in an Output-file - huh?#@%!

Hi guys, I build a very complex e-learning program (compex as in many different scenes, loops etc.) and I want to print in Word to make the review a bit easier. Normaly that's no problem at all - but now I will only publish a n Output file.... huh? What is wrong? (oh, and when I click on view document - nothing happens.....when I go the the file, I see the S-output

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tineke!

Not sure if this is relevant to your file:

You may find that publishing an Articulate Storyline course to Microsoft Word ends unexpectedly without completing if your course includes slide notes. This can occur if you're using Word 2010 or 2013 with custom File Block Settings. See this article for more information and a solution.

Since you are only having difficulty with the one project, you could try to import into a new project and see if the issue is eliminated.