Not received manual activation code

We have a resource change in our project and the person who left apparently forgot to deactivate/uninstall SL 2 before leaving. Her computer has since been formatted.  Now the new person is unable to activate SL 2 on her new machine.

Two days ago, we sent an email to and got a standard response from Articulate’s Magic Activation Machine,  post that nothing. Can anyone advise what to do next?

I have the SL2 license key. 

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Crystal Horn

Hello Manu!  Did the response you received ask for more information, like if you forgot to uninstall from a new machine or if you needed more licenses?

You can reply back to that email and indicate that the original computer was reformatted and so you cannot deactivate from that machine.  One of our support engineers will receive your reply, and they'll be able to approve another activation and send you an activation code.

Let me know if that works out!