Not reported to LMS Reporting In Progress

hey, I created a tutorial on storyline and it does not report to LMS, and I do not have any practice at all. I tried to report by the amount of slides and I did not report and I also created a question slide with a report to reflect results at the end and not reported by the customer. I checked the two methods in scrom cloud and it reported me there but the client did not report I also checked in this document and everything is fine, I noticed this  article But the customer said that the learner does not open in a new browser so not relevant

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Liat,

I'm sorry you're running into such issues testing your content in the LMS. Since you shared it did work in SCORM Cloud I'd suggest following up with your LMS admin directly to see what additional help and advice they could offer. 

You may also want to share what LMS you're using here, that way others in the community could weigh in if they know of a specific setting in that LMS which you need to enable. 

Liat Brochman

1. Document returned to email shpa - superpharm

2. This document specifies the requirements and the variables. This document must be submitted to each student body for presentation.
1. Scorm pattern: The Super SLAR SLK system will correct the 2004 scorm. 3. Invitation to the distributed students for this standard as well. Use the usual tools that attack all learning. Business logic, they are especially important:
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<imsss: sequence>
<imsss: controlMode Selection = "true" = "true" = "true" = "true" = "true" useCurrentAttemptProgressInfo = "true" />
<imsss: rollupRules objectMeasureWeight = "1.0000" />
</ imsss: Sequence
3. Automatic loading of courseware: The tutorial must be loaded without automatic start buttons. In other words, the tutorial will open after the Frameset page loads.
4. You have about user imsmanifest.xml, and add a start page.
5. Logo Screen: The tutorial should be set to view at 768X1024 resolution. The student will be able to run in a full screen or a tax, upon request from SuperPharm.
6. Study size: The size of the study has an effect on the bench. (0) 2010, 2 (2010).
7. Work without doubt the plant installed on the client positions (flash advantage).
8. Report will be run on Internet explorer from minimal version 6 + SP1.
19. It is recommended to distinguish between events.
10. At the time of writing this document, the most popular client version is Internet Explorer 8.
11. Flash Flair in stores is version 10.