Not seeing character expression options in the trigger wizard

Hello -

I just watched a tutorial about changing a character's expression on a timeline. So I added some shapes outside of a slide, arranged the shapes to come in at specific intervals. When I select to create a new trigger, I select:

Change State of


To state - This is where I don't see any character expression options like the video

I only see Built in (normal, hovered over, etc) and drag and drop. How do I access character expressions such as angry, alarmed, etc? Thank you!

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Shaily Dhingra

I am trying to add a trigger to change the expression of my character, but I don't see expression category at all as I see in tutorial videos. I am attaching a screen shot for your review.

I have been trying for past 2 days. A timely response will be deeply appreciated.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Shaily!

The photographic characters don't have the built-in expressions. Only the illustrated characters have those. 

To add a state change like that to a photographic character, try this:

  1. Select the photographic character on the slide.
  2. Create a new state using the Edit States button, and give it a descriptive name ("sad", "happy").
  3. Select the character in that new state.
  4. Click Pose in the ribbon, and select the alternate pose for that state.
  5. Create your trigger to change the character to that state when user clicks.

I hope that helps!