Not showing question responses upon quiz revisit

Hi all,

We have developed a course in Storyline 360 (latest version) which includes 5 separate quizzes (each of 10 questions) and if the user passes all 5 quizzes with a score of at least 80% in each quiz they pass the entire course.

We have found that if a user closes the browser partway through a quiz and comes back in to that quiz (or if they complete one of the quizzes and come back to it) , it will often (not always) correctly remember their question responses to the questions they answered (and show their selected options on screen). However (and this is the problem), at other times it will not show their selected responses to questions and interestingly will not actually allow them to re-answer them (which makes me think it has remembered them but is not displaying them). In other words from the student's perspective they can't see any their previous responses (which causes them to panic) and then cannot re-answer the actual questions.

Interestingly, I have just discovered an option for the slide properties for each question slide allowing us to select "Resume saved state" (see attachment). All slides were set to "Automatically decide".

Can anyone confirm whether changing this option to "resume saved state" will ensure that the students' responses to each question are shown each and every time they go back in to the quiz irrespective of whether they have previously completed the quiz or not? Or is this perhaps a deeper issue?

Out of interest what does "automatically decide" actually do? And what factors does it consider when deciding?

Also, given it does remember responses to individual questions is it true that 360 is sending data back to the LMS after each question response?

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Anthony Ramos

Thanks for your reply Matt.

What is the suspend data limit, who imposes it and can it be changed?

We do use SCORM 1.2 through an Australian based and developed LMS. I will have to ask whether they support 2004 3rd Edition.

Is my suggestion about changing the "resume saved state" setting unlikely to make a difference?

Matthew Bibby

No worries Anthony, always happy to help where I can.

Anything that needs to be remembered is included in the suspend data so that if you leave a course part way though, the LMS will remember where you were up to when you return.

Storyline does it's best to compress this data using a proprietary algorithm so that it can get the most out of the tiny limit of suspend data that the SCORM 1.2 spec allows (4096 characters).

Unfortunately, this means that we don't have full visibility into how the suspend data is managed, how certain aspects of a build impact it or how different bits of information are prioritised in the suspend data.

For a more in depth discussion on this topic, see here