not showing of layers

Jul 17, 2013

Hi! Thank you for looking at my post!

Can someone please help me with this problem:

My goal: I created 10 layers on1 slide. I want the layers to show for 3 seconds each. 

What did I do: Each layer contains 2 text boxes and for each layer I adjusted the time line to the following 3 seonds.

What happens: only the first/base layer shows. Then for the rest of the time nothing happens. After that, Articulate shuts down.

Looking foward to hear from you!

Kind Regards


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Antony Snow

Hi Marijke - welcome to Heroes

Without seeing your project, it is a little hard to determine why you are only seeing the base layer but I suspect that you haven't added any triggers to show the layers?

I have put together a very rough demo of what I think you are trying to achieve - I hope it helps!


P.S. Can you please confirm what you mean by "After that, Articulate shuts down"? Do you mean Storyline closes?

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