Not showing results page

Hi there, 

I have a template i put together for content. After trying to review the course i notice it doesn't continue to the results page after question 10. Just continues to show the "busy circle". What must i be looking out for?

I've compared this to my other courses i used the same template for and it looks the same so i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong. Any help will be appreciated!


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Ned Whiteley

Hi Carla,

When you set up quizzes in Storyline, the first one is assigned the variables Results.PassPercent etc, the second one is assigned the variables Results1.PassPercent and the third Results2.PassPercent etc.

I suspect, as you have both of the first two variable sets available to you in your Project Variables list, that you had previously set up another quiz, which has subsequently been removed and the one you now have is in fact the second quiz. It is therefore essential that you reference the Results1.PassPercent variable set as Phil has quite rightly pointed out above.

If you do set up multiple quizzes, just make sure you use the right variables in the right result slides, otherwise your results will not appear as you expect them to.