Not sure if I need a trigger or another variable to deselect a word search item

Hi all - I've customized a word search posted by another user.  Love it - works great, but there's a functionality piece that I have to have before I can distribute the larger course to my learners.  Below are the summary facts:

  • learner finds 5 words
  • there are 3 distractors
  • if the learner changes their mind, and wants to select a different word, I can't figure out how to program the 'deselect' functionality

Everyone here is always so helpful.  I would be most appreciative if someone can help me salvage the 8 hours I just spent getting this word search to its current point. 

I guess that if there's no fairly intuitive way to accomplish this functionality, I could remove the distractors...but I'd rather not!

As always, thank you in advance.  I've uploaded the slide for reference.

Kind regards,


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Paula

I've downloaded your file but don't have time to check it out fully - just a thought

 could you use a toggle trigger when the user clicks a letter. So e.g. for the word Materiality if you created aT/F  default to false variable M and a T/F variable Y.

Trigger is adjust variable M Not assignment when user clicks M letter.

The variable starts out at False when the user clicks the M first time it changes to True (M letter is in selected state), when they click M letter again it is deselected and the variable changes back to False. You could then use the variable in your triggers.

Sorry I'm probably confusing you - if I get a chance later today I'll do a quick example.

Paula DeYoung

Hi Wendy - Yes, I'm confused, but that's not because of anything you said!  I think I've reached cognitive overload for the day.  Your instructions make sense, so I will give that a try...I learn by doing, so if I can follow your instructions properly (again - a statement on me, not you!), I may be able to get it where I want it.  Thank you for your response, again.  I feel needy! 

I'll respond with an update.

Paula DeYoung

My days run together...trying to meet a very aggressive deadline to have 10 mini-modules ready for our Australian member firm to pilot.  :) 

I'm working on it now and from what I can tell, it looks like i'll have to adjust the existing triggers that currently activate when another variable changes.  I'm thinking I'll have to be more specific than 'changes'...maybe something like 'when M variable and Y variable = true.' We'll see, right?