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Cheryl Theis

We had this problem before. At first we thought it was my computer’s cache issue with IE, but we had two people confirm they also were viewing the 'old' module.

 We contacted our LMS system (Taleo) and they thought the cache might be happening within the LMS.  We load the files via FileZilla, so we completely removed the module from the LMS listing via FileZilla, closed FileZilla, re-opened and reinstalled the updated module files.  The updated module

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jessica,

Yes, I'd suspect it was an LMS or a browser cookie that was left over keeping the other version of the course. If you need to "overwrite" a course for the purpose of keeping tracking information, you may want to let users know that they'll want to refresh their browsers to see the latest updates as typically the LMS can handle the resume behavior and keep track of where the user was in a course. 

Keep us posted if you continue to have difficulty! 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for letting me know you were using Articulate Online - 

If you publish a content item from Storyline to AO you may be prompted to overwrite an existing content item. If you say Yes, the original content item will no longer be available for viewing. It will be replaced by the new content item you publish to your account.

You will still be able to run reports on the older versions of the content item. When running a report, you will be given an option to specify the version of the content item you wish to run a report on.

To ensure that everything updates as expected, simply republish it in the same manner as you did previously.  Bear the following in mind:

  • As long as the content has the exact same Publish Title as before, you will be asked to overwrite the existing version in Articulate Online when you republish.  When prompted, select Yes to confirm that you want to overwrite (update) the existing version. 
  • On the other hand, if you change the Publish Title when you republish, it will simply create a new content item in Articulate Online.
  • Updating a content item in Articulate Online does not change the URL, permissions, or existing reporting data for that content item.
  • If the content item you are updating is a standalone quiz or a presentation being tracked by an embedded quiz, you will be prompted to select which revision of the content item you want to report on when you run an Answer Breakdown report.

Did you check to see if clearing your browser's cookies helped at all? 

Jessica Huber

It still seems like modules I updated aren't always the correct ones uploaded. I have done what Ashley said above - but changes I know I made still don't always seem to take. I always save the .story file before publishing. I back up my files in various places on my computer in case something happens, so could that matter? This is really frustrating to not always see the most current version uploaded. Please advise

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jessica,

Backing up files is ok, and encouraged, and you'll want to make sure that you work on the .story files from your local drive. Since you're publishing right to Articulate Online, you would want to keep the same publish title. Have you tried to manually upload a course as well or just using the built in publish to AO option?

If you'd like to set me up as an administrator in your AO account (you can send the credentials to me as a private message and use a generic email of Support@articulate.com) I can try testing this out with some sample courses and loading them into your environment to see if I can replicate the behavior.