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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi James and welcome to Heroes! 

I'm not sure I fully understand what you're trying to accomplish - but the notes field in your player is drawn from the slide notes  and if enabled within your player the notes will change depending on the slide you're visiting. You can also create your own tabs within the player that may show elements such as a lightboxed slide. This is further described here in the player customization tutorial. 

James Stallcup

Hi Ashely,

I understand the use of the Notes tab. If possible, I would like to create another tab that opens in the same manner as the Notes tab. I am creating some additional information (3 tabs) in the presentation that would be perfect under other tabs (not linking into to other slides). It is a technical program that references other standards and a particular section that will be discussed.

Thanks for your help,


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi James,

If you look at the triggers available for a new tab, you'll see that you are limited to items like jump to slide, lightbox slide, execute javascript or jump to URL - so nothing that would match the current behavior of the Notes tab. 

Depending on your Flash coding skills, you may want to look at creating a more customized player using the Storyline SDK.