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Feb 05, 2018

Hey folks!


Does anyone have experience with adding "notetaking" functionality to Storyline 3 so that users can print a PDF with their notes at the end of a course, etc? If so, how was it received by learners? I'm curious both about potential impact and also in knowing what steps you used to implement this feature. 



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Ellen!

I know quite a few community members have managed to use Storyline's data/text entry field to provide learners with a space for taking notes, and then they've used a javascript trigger on a button to print the notes.

On your quest for answer, have you stumbled upon this forum thread? I thought it sounded like Mike was trying to do something very similar to what you've described. I noted that he's shared a .story source file demonstrating the note-taking functionality he's created and he's done a very nice job in the comments of explaining how his design works. 

And another community member, Tracy Carroll, recently shared this template for a learning journal with a print function that might also be helpful to you.

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