Mar 19, 2013


Is there a way of displaying notes somewhere outside of the main screen?  I am using notes as closed captions for my course but the notes box, when expanded downward to show the notes, gets in the way of the screen.  Thanks!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jin! I hope you're doing well

I haven't had any luck trying to move the notes pane, so I don't believe this is an option. I usually minimize mine, if it gets in the way of the slide. You can adjust the height of the pane, even when it's not minimized, though. 

It would be pretty cool if you could move them elsewhere, or maybe even have it "float" in its own window. I may have to submit my own feature request for this one. You may want to do the same! :)

Thanks Jin!


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jin,

When you submit a feature request, the information gets sent to the software developers, here at Articulate. They'll be able to take a look at your input and suggestions and decide if the feature you're interested in can be added to the software in a future release. The more information they receive and the more requests they receive for a particular feature will help them with implementing that feature. If you'd like to send this information over to us, just use the link below:

Articulate > Submit a feature request


I believe Jin is referring to the actual notes in Slide view  


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