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Feb 07, 2018

Hello, I am just wondering how folks are typically adding captioning to their Storyline 360 courses. In the past, before easy captioning was an option, we used the notes pane to plan our audio. 

We would allow sponsors to view the audio/notes pane before we would record the final audio through Storyline. In the published course, we  make the notes pane available for learners so they can read along. 

Now we have this new(er) captioning option. With my script in the notes panel, and my audio recorded, I would love to add captions (rather than display the notes in the player). 

Is there an easier way to do this than typing the script in to each caption box? Can I import the notes panel (similar to the text-to-speech feature?)? What are other folks doing to efficiently use this caption feature?

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Anna Liu

Hi Erika!

If your audio file in a single slide is long and would require pauses in between - then creating a separate caption file (SRT, SBV, SUB, VTT) and importing this via the built-in closed captions editor is the best option for you.

There are available resources online for creating closed captioning files but personally, I create simple .SRT files via notepad. From the example below you can see that my audio is 5secs long, and then I've split it to make it appear separate

Then once I've imported this in SL360, this is how it appeared from the editor:

This might require pre-work in terms of creating a separate closed captioning file, but it'll eventually be a breeze once you import all you need in SL360.

Hope this helps!

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