Notes Area: Text cut off when moved to sidebar

I moved my notes window from the sidebar to a link that appears under my topbar to prevent the sidebar from appearing in the course player. The functionality works great, but when I have a lot of text, the text is getting cut off under the scrollbar that appears.

See the screenshot attached. Is there any way to edit or get around this? I've tried the various scaling/browser size publish options and the issue persists. 


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Jon -- Thanks for your question and for providing the screenshot. I'm sorry to see this odd behavior you are experiencing, but there are a few things we can try first to rule out some common issues. Please make sure you are working locally as described here, and you may want to try importing the file into a new file. If you are still having issues, you might want to try to repair Storyline. Also, could you please ensure that you are utilizing the most recent SL2 Update? Info on Update 5 can be found here

If issues persist, please feel free to share your .story file here by clicking on the ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom left corner of the reply box in the thread, and please note that if you reply via email, your attachment will not come through.