Notes missing in "draw from question bank"?

Hi all, not sure if anyone has encoutered this yet.

I've built a series of questions that all use a common scenario. When creating the questions, I added the scenario into the notes tab section and ensured that the player is configured to show notes.

On any normal slides in my course the notes tab shows the content without issue. In addition, when I preview the questions individually within Storyline, the notes tab and content appears.

When I preview the "Draw from question bank" that I am using to present the questions to the learner in Storyline (or published for that matter) however, the notes tab is there, but the content entered is missing??


Is this a bug that anyone knows of, or something silly that I am doing wrong?

I fear my only workaround to this might be to add the individual questions into a scene instead of using the draw from questions bank. Seems like something strange is happening when that is used.

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Heinrich Bartie

Well I thought I would confirm my suspicions.

This behavior is definately linked to the "draw from question bank" feature. It does not seem to play nicely with notes present in questions.

When adding the questions into a scene instead of using the "draw from question bank" method, the notes work like you would expect them to.

Just remember to go clean up your player menu and remove all the entries for the questions in the scene