Notes not always displaying correctly

My client is finding while reviewing a course in Articulate review (we have not seen this elsewhere - that sometimes the notes display at the beginning and sometimes they are partially scrolled down the page (so displaying in the middle, requiring the learner to grab the scroll bar and roll it up to the top to see the beginning of the notes)  I have not seen this on a SCORM export, yet.  But I am seeing this in AR - viewing with Chrome. Any ideas?  Is there a button in the player menu to set the notes to display at the beginning?  Thanks.

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Ren Gomez

Hi Laura,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you're experiencing. I just did a quick test myself using Storyline 360 Update 42 and was able to replicate the behavior you're seeing in Review 360.

A similar bug was addressed last year, but it's possible it may have returned.I'm glad to hear you haven't experienced this in a SCORM export! I'll reach out internally for some additional testing and pop back in here when we have any progress to share.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Laura!

We've released the fix for this bug in today's Storyline 360 release!

In Storyline 360 Update 44 (Build 3.44.23192.0), you'll see the scrollbar in the Notes section always appears at the top rather than the middle.

Now all you need to do is update Storyline 360 in your Articulate 360 desktop app!