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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Kerry,

When you press the Tab key while viewing published Storyline content, you should notice a yellow box or rectangle that appears around an object on the slide. If you repeatedly press the Tab key, you'll notice that the yellow box cycles through the items on the slide and then moves through the player controls for the course. When it gets to the Notes section, you should be able to select it with the Enter key and read the notes. It should be enabled by default, but you can learn more here

Is that working for you? 

You could also use another suggestion shared by Mike Enders in this thread, if you're wanting to have the notes play earlier in the slide.


Kerry J

Thanks Christine!

Pardon my extreme ignorance, but I have two related questions.
1) I found no keyboard control to allow a user to scroll through the notes panel, so if I also wanted to cater to someone with limited mobility, would I need to ensure all the notes text fit in what could be seen?
2) I'm assuming (and this is a potentially stupid question) that JAWS CAN scroll down that screen past what can be initially seen - is that a correct assumption?
Thanks again for your earlier response and willingness to help.
Christine Hendrickson

Hi Kerry,

Not that I'm aware of - however, in my personal opinion, if you're creating courses for users that have limited mobility or limited vision, etc., it might be best to limit what's displayed to them at one time. 

I believe JAWS will be able to handle the additional content and I haven't seen any reports of it not scrolling or reading all the content in the pane. Does look like you have quite a bit there - have you tested this out on your end? Is it not reading all of the text?

And by the way - it's not a stupid question :) I won't pretend to know a lot about the screen reader, but I can certainly try to find you the information if you have any trouble with this.


Raddy Nich

Hi Kerry, 

I've got the same problem. Yes you are right, the scroll bar within the Notes tab is not keyboard accessible. So this feature will not work for sighted keyboard users. I found the same problem with closed captioning suggestions (http://community.articulate.com/forums/p/14677/86312.aspx) where a scrolling panel is used. The only option seems to be splitting slides so limited text is presented each time. This may lead to some interactive slides looking quite bland - like a power point presentation. 

Have you been able to find another fix?