Notes Tab formatting different in story_HTML5.hmtl vs regular story.html

Hi! Weird formatting issue I'm hoping you guys can help me out with :)

The Notes tab looks totally different depending on which version of the story.html we launch, and as html5 is becoming more important for clients (as flash is dead), we need to make sure that our content looks the same across platforms, regardless of how they're viewing it.

Have any of you run into this? See the screenshots. The one with proper spacing between paragraphs is the regular story.html, and the one where all the text is crammed together is story_HTML5.html


Any clue how to make them the same?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Ashley -- Thanks so much for reaching out, and this is a known issue that is currently in with our Quality Assurance team for investigation. Unfortunately, I do not have a workaround or a timeframe to share for if or when this matter will be resolved, but I have gone ahead and added your post to the ticket. So, as you are subscribed to this thread, any additional updates will be shared here as they are received. Your patience is appreciated! :)