Notes tab text alignment different for slides - Storyline 2


I have a Storyline 2 file in which I have the Notes tab visible as the sidebar. I noticed that the alignment of that text from slide to slide changes. For example, on Slide 2, the text appears a line below the text on Slide 1. And then on Slide 3, it appears back to the same alignment as that on Slide 1. Slide 4 text is aligned even further down. I checked the paragraph/font settings. All slide notes are 11 point Arial with no spacing before or after and single spacing. 

Any ideas what I can check next or do to fix this? 

Thank you 


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Michele Micha

Hi, it's been a while but I finally tested this on SCORM cloud and also in the client's LM. Unfortunately the text is still starting on different lines in the Notes tabs on the sidebar. 

Is there something else that can cause this? 


Michele  (I can send a storyline file to you if you can take a look?) 

Michele Micha

Hi, thanks. So I think your fix is to add the Notes title back in? Unfortunately, the client wants that to remain hidden. To accomplish that, I had gone to the Text Labels tab and deleted the word "Notes". I think that was the issue. I went back to the Text Labels tab and added about 5-6 spaces instead of just deleting the label and that seemed to do the trick! 

Thanks for your help!