Notes Title: Superscripts


I first imported slides from my PowerPoint deck.

Their titles transferred over as the titles in the notes sections as well (this is ok).

The problem is that my titles have super scripted reference numbers in them and the super-scripted numbers are not super-scripted in the notes title.

My question is, can I make them super-scripted? And if not, how and where do I edit the title of the notes section so I can at least remove them completely?

I tried changing the title on the slide and I tried changing the title in the menu, and neither had any affect.

Thanks for your time,


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Sam,

I wonder if the one you're looking for can be edited through the text labels, through the player options. 

You won't be able to add superscript here, but you should be able to modify the text that displays in the "Notes" tab.

Let me know if this isn't what you're trying to do, or if you have any questions.


Sam Clements

Hey Christine,

I actually used this function before to change "Notes" to "Audio" since it will contain the audio script that we are using for the program.

The title I want to change is not the label of the menu item but the title of the drop-down window that contains the notes for each slide.

Below is an image of the title I am talking about w/the blue arrow pointing to the title.

This is the title I would like to either superscript or remove the text items I cannot superscript.

Right now they are stuck there, and I cannot edit this text at all (even if I change the title on the slide)

Even if it wasn't supported and I could go into the folder structure and change it in the xml or another text file that would be great too.

Thank  you so much for the help!


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Sam,

I wouldn't be able to help you with modifying those files and we generally don't suggest doing so :)

I think I understand what you're trying to do - but I'm afraid this may not be an option. The Notes panel pulls in that title from the slide itself. There isn't a way to superscript that text, since the title for the slide cannot be formatted. 

There is a little trick though, that may work for removing that title text. You can rename the slide and simply enter a space for the slide title/name. It'll still display the separator for the Notes pane, but there will be no text displayed for the title. It might be difficult to keep your slides organized this way, so I wouldn't recommend this unless you absolutely need to remove that text.

Thanks again Sam!