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Matthew Bibby

Articulate 360 is a new subscription offering that includes Storyline 360. 

Articulate will be releasing Storyline 3 sometime next year.

There is information here about the pricing and differences between the subscription and perpetual licenses. 

Articulate will continue to support Storyline 2.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Marie,

I can certainly understand that there may be limitations and so subscription is not for everyone. If there is something within the subscription set up that is causing particular difficulty for you, I'd also invite you to share that with our Success team as it's always good to have that feedback as we continue to develop and design Articulate's suite of products. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sue - Great question :) Officially, we support the last two licensed versions of Storyline as well as Storyline 360 within the Articulate 360 subscription suite. You can see our complete support policy here.

We are still assisting Storyline 1 as well though, so we haven't drawn a hard line as far as helping customers :) There are no plans to roll Storyline 2 off the list anytime soon.

Hope that helps.