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Kyle Main


Is there a way to change the default nudge to 1px? That is all I want to use with arrow keys.

I come from the Flash world, so this is great news!  I also find my self daily clicking "Shift + arrow" to try to nudge much farther like 10px.

Would there be a way to set a hot-key to do this instead of Shift-arrow actually scaling an object (Which to me, is something I have never done in 4 years with Storyline.) Maybe it's just me coming from the Flash world.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Kyle - Glad you found this thread helpful. Outside of the documentation that David shared above for creating your own keyboard shortcuts, I'm not aware of another way to do so. Hopefully other members of the community will be able to chime in if they have created something similar or have some other options to offer you here.

Kyle Main

I don't think I'll be able to tweak any of those files.  I was saying that maybe a power user in the community would have already done this. I've have read a lot of posts from people going behind the scenes (at least on published files) to change how navigation works for certain needs.  Some very smart people out here that I was hoping to reach.