Number entry variables and triggers for software simulation

Hi I am trying to build an mobile app simulation. There is a step when the learner/app user need to enter a 6 digit activation code (123GO!)to activate their account. The 6 digits are on separate lines and contain numbers and letters. There is also a "continue" button on the app which is grayed out at this stage.

My original plan was to add 6 input fields - one above each line - and once the learner entered all the digits into the separate fields, this will trigger a layer which is the same screenshot with the code added in and the "continue" button enabled. 

I set up the slide with 6 input fields (3 numbers, 3 letters). I created a trigger , which was show layer when variable changes. I then set the conditions, so all digits have to be entered correctly.

When I previewed the slide the trigger didn't work and once I entered the last digit nothing happened.

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Ren Gomez

Hi Eszter,

Thanks for sharing the published output, though if you can share your .story file, that will help us dig into the trigger setup and let us troubleshoot!

If you're not comfortable sharing your .story file publicly, you can't also connect privately with our support team using the link below. They're happy to help!