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Emily Ruby

Hello Melanie!

When you set up the trigger, whichever key you type from in the trigger panel  will be the designated key that the user must hit.

The trigger panel will show either the number or say NumPad.

What you can do it set up a 2 triggers for the action you want to happen, one with the top number key, and one from the number pad key. Then the user can type wither one.

Let us know if you need anything further.

Bryan Tregunna

Leslie, I have identified the issue. I am working on different spec laptops and when I select the NUM keys on my personal Windows 8 laptop, they do not always work (as in the attach a single slide file (formatting is now awry). There is no obvious difference in the design, but if I redo the key presses using my Windows 7 work laptop, the issue is resolved.

In the attched file, If you select one of the low numbered items and then use the NUM PLUS to go to CASS 12, and then use the NUM SUB to return, this stops at CASS 11.