Number Questions on Random Draws from Multiple Banks

I have created a cumulative test of 3 previous tests.  In the 3 previous tests, I have been able to make the "question number of 20" show up on each question by using a variable on the master slide.  For some reason, on this particular test (the cumulative) that I am working on, I can't get the trigger/variable to work correctly. It is now a 30 question test, so I have changed it to read "question number of 30".  It is adding (2) instead of (1) to the counter every time I move from one bank of questions to the next.  If the draw from the bank includes multiple questions, it only adds (1) to the counter for the questions within that bank.  I have used the same approach on past tests with multiple banks and random draws and have had good results.  I can't figure out what I am doing wrong... Help?

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