number variable conflicts

Hi all, another newb question! Again, cannot share as client privacy.
I have 2 slides, both use tabs, both use the option of +add 1 to click1 when each tab is clicked, then to mark the slide as complete and "reveal" the custom next button, the slide variable looks like:

(on a slide of 3 tabs)
Set var_slide1 equal to 1.00
When timeline starts (slide name)
If click1 is Greater than or equal to 3.00

(on next button  on base layer)
change state of next to Normal when the timeline starts
If var_slide1 is equal to 1.00

(on next button on corresponding tab layer)
change state of next to Normal
When click1 changes
If click1 is equal to 3.00

This works, and it's great! I have the same setup on another slide using 4 tabs, different variables (eg. click_a2) to avoid confusion, and the same setup on the layers.

The issue is, the next button pops up after clicking just one of the tabs, any of them (order doesn't matter) and the slide number marks as equal after clicking on 1 tab instead of all 4 (or more) - I have spent hours checking that the triggers are in the correct order on each layer and button, and the variables are correct, but this second slide just refuses to behave like the first. Any ideas? Is it normal for SL to sometimes bug out and conflict?


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