Number Variable Limitations

Hi again everyone,

I was just wondering if there are limitations as to how many "number variables" can be set for a slide.

I have created an "error count" variable that adds value to 1 whenever they click on the "try again button" that works perfectly fine.

I am now adding a "hint count" variable that will do the same thing (value = +1) when they click on the designated hint button. However when I try to do this.. the only "operator available" when setting the trigger is "assignment". The option to add is not available. I tried to copy and paste from the existing variable but when i go to edit the object.. it again resets and only gives me the "assignment" as operator and nothing else.

Has anyone encountered the same issue? Is this a limitation in storyline?


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Jeanette Brooks

Hiya Donna! Click the "X" in the lower-right corner of your trigger pane to bring up your list of project variables. Find the "Hint Count" variable in the list and see what it says in the "Type" column. It sounds like you might have accidentally defined that variable as a text variable rather than a number variable (which would prevent you from performing addition/subtraction/etc. with it). If that's the case, you can just delete the variable and create a new one (it can have the same name as before) and just make sure to define it as a number variable.

Donna Morvan

Yes.. this is the first one.. and as mentioned. It's perfect. No issues with this.

When I go to create the trigger for the "hintcount".. it only gives me one option for the operator. Just "assignment".

I don't understand why it suddenly won't give me the other options like (Add, subtract, multiply, divide, etc.)

Any ideas?